SUPREMATIC TALK ICON - Limited Edition of 1 Artwork by Oleg Ikona

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Many ancient religions call human hands as spiritual wings capable of moving a person during his dreams.
Cover of the Voyager Golden Record

Art Description

New Media: Oil, Tempera, Enamel, Interactive, Found Objects on Wood, Other.

This is the first talking icon in the history of human religion. It contains a compact audio player with popular music and an audio device with reproducible human speech.

Various colourful levels symbolise the complexity of the astrophysical component in the existence of mortal life and emphasise the supremacy of spiritual beings in organic hierarchies. The extremely balanced composition of the object gives it the quality of the "golden ratio" object.
An electronic device that is embedded in its body reproduces the basic phrases of a human child, that can easily be identified as sounds made by a highly developed creature. Due to its unique properties, the icon can be used as a sacred carrier of information and can be sent into the distant interstellar space to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth for any intelligent extraterrestrial life forms.

INSTRUCTIONS: Push the buttons to start performance. Listen carefully to the prophetic sound content.



SUPREMATIC TALK ICON - Limited Edition of 1

Oleg Ikona

United Kingdom

New Media

Size: 11.4 W x 13.4 H x 1.6 in

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