SUPREMATIC VENTI ICON - Limited Edition of 1 Artwork by Oleg Ikona

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Art Description

New Media: Oil, Tempera, Enamel, Interactive, Found Objects on Wood, Other.

The very first object in the history of art with spiritual fan system based on divine power principles. It's pure composition emphasises pure virginity of angelic nature and automatically causes state of joy and happiness. The upper part of the icon presents the endless infinite Heaven where the higher creatures executing their holy duties. The lower part of the icon represents the earth, the cradle of Mankind painted with natural pigments. The bright orange figure in the centre of composition symbolises Supremacy of spiritual substances over the physical world. The icon can be used as a cooler in a case of extremely hot weather.

INSTRUCTIONS: Press the orange button and hold it until you covered by the air flow. Stay still to reach blessing.


SUPREMATIC VENTI ICON - Limited Edition of 1

Oleg Ikona

United Kingdom

New Media

Size: 12.6 W x 14.2 H x 1.6 in

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