Spirali pt e pq incrociate Artwork by Luciano Maciotta

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Details of the three layer tecnique (amateur photography)
Indoor ambient at 15 lux with LEDs ON (amateur photography)) LEDs light intensity can be regulated.This could mean lower battery life.Available cord power supply or recheargeable batteries.
Total darkness.
Indoor at 100 lux with LEDs ON (amateur photography)
Indoor at 100 lux with LEDs OFF (amateur photography)

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Spirali pt e pq incrociate

Luciano Maciotta


New Media

Size: 33.5 W x 25.6 H x 2 D in

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Art Description

New Media: Acrylic, Fabric, LED, Wood on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood, Other.

The artwork belongs to the «Spirali» series (2008-2013).A spiral in the plane is a curve that wraps around a central point, moving away or approaching the starting point. It can represent the evolution starting from the center towards the outside or involution returning from the outside to the center. The classical representation also uses the double and triple spiral (triskell) where the single spirals are seen as continuity of each other to witness a complete cycle of evolution and involution, of birth and death. On earth and in space the spiral is found everywhere, linked to evolution and life. The spiral is conceived by me as the means to enter and navigate the space and the universe. The rigorous design of a spiral on a framework made of a rough fabric is very complex. I proceed through the representation of polygonal spirals, composed of straight segments whose length is reduced each time with certain algorithms in succession and with an angular rotation. As the number of sides increases, the approximation increases. To represent the "crossed Spirals" with overlap and therefore interweaving in space, I start from the pencil drawing on the table of the single polygonal spiral on a 1: 1 scale. The tables so designed were oriented in the space in more positions and angles and chosen the best combination. With a camera the position measurements taken by the various points in the space were detected, which were reported on the work to be carried out after spreading the rough fabric. Finally the lines joining the reported points were drawn.
The representation with overlapping and interweaving is different from the classical representation, which sees the spirals as continuity of each other and underlines the dynamism and complexity of the universe far from having shown to man a clear and definitive knowledge of its evolution mechanism. The tecnique is 3 layers: LEDs, stretched fabric and acrylic painting in form of very narrow lines. A on/off switch allows the user to interact with the work Standard consumer or recheargeable batteries.



Artist Recognition

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