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New Media
Size: 12 H x 16 W x 1 in

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Art Description

New Media: Digital on Paper.

I have cared for aquaria most of my life, since early childhood. I never tire of watching fish glide through water, whether it be in creeks, lakes, ponds, or aquaria. I’ve always found it so mesmerizing. This painting illustrates some of the mental images that go through my head as I watch fish beautifully glide about.

Keywords: Melissa Milton, Swirl, Underwater, Colorful, Koi, Expressionism, Fish, Goldfish

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Fine Art, Surrealism, Impressionism

Mediums: Digital

Materials: Paper

Prints: Animal Art Prints, Expressionism Art Prints, Abstract Expressionism Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Surrealism Art Prints, Impressionism Art Prints, Digital Art Prints, Paper Art Prints

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