Waves & Pain - Limited Edition of 100 Artwork by Lawrence L Deacon

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Lawrence L. Deacon Waves And Pain
Delawness And Pain

Art Description

New Media: Digital, Black & White, Paper, New Media on Paper, Canvas.

Waves & Pain is an expression of my struggles and triumphs as an artist. As creative director, and illustrator, I create from my experiences to reflect my innermost feelings, desires, and challenges. You can expect to find subliminal messages beneath the surface of my drawings. My truest darkest and brightest thoughts only flow better when I sit down and take flight on white paper.

Waves & Pain is inspired by my personal struggle with overcoming the vicissitudes of life, adapting to changes, experiencing growth and observing society’s back-and-forth relationship with money. Big Money talk, how the rich can manipulate, marginalized and control our poor under the belief that "money is power".

I’ve gotten a taste of Jupiter working with celebrities and it has shown me that success is rather one bittersweet experience resulting in complete satisfaction or self-destruction. As an artist I often from my experiences and aspirations of what I would like to accomplish. I firmly believe in change but change is hard to deal with. I believe that better exist and with time things will get better thru change, consistency, persistence and patience.

I consider myself a surfer that’s riding the rough waves of life and cold reality. As I navigate through these curve balls life throws at me, I see myself in a world of fame and popularity, constantly questioning the state of my own personal growth.

Overall the piece is about self-discovery and being true to one’s self. Waves & Pain is a premonition of wealth to come in the near future . Everything will eventually add up to phenomenal life story of my journey as an artist whether it be good or bad depends on you the viewers interpretation.

You can learn more about Waves And Pain on my official website www.lawrencedeacon.com.

Wallpapers are also available for free download.



Waves & Pain - Limited Edition of 100

Lawrence L Deacon


New Media

Size: 28 W x 34.9 H x 1.5 in

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