good fortune - Limited Edition 2 of 3 Artwork by Thibaut Camdessus

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Strokes and dots detail
Yin Yang contrast
Good fortune symbol

Art Description

New Media: Vector, Algorithmic Art, Interactive, New Media, Paper on Paper.

Good fortune | 福
As I grew up in France and studied Kandinky’s Point and Line to Plane and when I started creating random composition, I stuck to a very basic visual vocabulary of strokes and dots. In the case of this image, grey and red strokes, blue and yellow squares on the left part of the image.

Having lived in Asia, in Taiwan, Singapore and Bangkok, my work was influenced by eastern philosophies. I explored opposites inspired from Yin and Yang. Visually, total symmetry does not work better in an image as they would on a human face. When it comes to opposites, it it the same. Just doing a “negative” from the left part to create the right does not work either. To achieve proper balance i need more white strokes on black than grey strokes on a pale yellow.

As I was adjusting my script to generate the image and increasing the number of lines in the darker right part, an interesting symbol appeared, the indian symbol of good fortune.

I research how to control random feeds of numbers to create meaningful abstract compositions. I wrote a series of digital applications called the Atelier Aléatoire (french for random studio). The Atelier Aléatoire generate images using computer scripts. The software is in constant evolution and is fed everyday with new artistic algorithms. The variables of the Atelier Aléatoire’s equations are fine tuned at every stroke, narrowing the random spectrum to achieve a possible harmony.
My motivation is to make emotions bloom on my collector's walls. To seed in my collector's mind aspiration for a sharing a brighter day.

This limited edition image is signed and printed on archival Hahnemühle William Turner 310g paper.



good fortune - Limited Edition 2 of 3

Thibaut Camdessus

Czech Republic

New Media

Size: 33.1 W x 16.5 H x 0 in

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