where has the Love gone? Artwork by Lee Mcclymont

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Art Description

New Media: Algorithmic Art on Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric).

where has the Love gone?

sic shooting up the wanjina!

knockin on heavens door!

...shooting up the mother
Ship adrift ship of fools
where has all the Celestial
Love vanished to!

The most Ancient of Days,

All Universal Beings Practice Dharma,

Our Mother in Shackles!
The Exodus and The Healing!

This is a lament for our arrested development!

This is a Song line in which the Universe weeps,

water, life and
nature in shackles!

For we must leave no footprint!

This is not an Ancient Alien Concept.

'shooting up the Celestial love' and The Zeitgeist!

and another irregular Ode for 'Ur',

All Universal Beings must Practice Dharma!

This is a Healing Song! and The Zeitgeist!

Make Art not War!
Throw down your dreams of 'metal and fire'!

'Untitled' this is not a work of Art
This is a work in Progress ...

Harmonising Bird Form,
Soaring Eagle resonating Practice,

© umukhkeqe

all rights reserved.


where has the Love gone?

Lee Mcclymont


New Media

Size: 42.1 W x 32.7 H x 3.9 in

Ships in a Crate

Shipping included

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