A Beautiful Change Painting by Elline Mae Francisco

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A Beautiful Change

Elline Mae Francisco



Size: 18 W x 24 H x 0.2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Paint on Canvas.

I love nature. Really. And butterflies, for me, they are not just common butterflies. They are magical creatures that undergo a deep process in order to show the world a great change after being hidden in darkness for months. They're just simply amazing, for me. Like us humans, we tend to hide in our own shell. Some hide for months. Others hide for years. And by the time that we've decided to go out, the world witnesses not the same people anymore; it witnesses a different image, it witnesses a great and big change.

I chose to use this medium because it's within my comfort zone. I love making detailed works of art. It makes me feel that I've manifested a slight touch of perfection with a smooth blend of originality.

For me, being an artist does not necessarily require one to make hyper-realistic artworks. Paints are created not to act as ink for films and photographs; paints are there to give different colors and present an "obvious" work of art to the whole world.

And to the person who will be the new owner of my art, I ask you to handle it with care as much as I did. All my artworks are priceless for me. As a certain quotation said, you can either give your painting as a gift (because gifts are priceless) or you can sell your painting with a really great price. And I strongly agree with that. I'm not a mother, but I sincerely treat my artworks as my children. It definitely makes me sad whenever an artwork of mine will be shipped to another country or will be owned by someone else whom I don't really know personally. And if I've given my masterpiece to someone else, that someone already has a part of me. He has already acquired a piece of my heart by just having my original work of art.

So to the person who is planning to have my daughter, please do me a lifetime favor. And you'll be able to have my lifetime gratitude, as well. :)