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Size: 26 H x 20 W x 0.5 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Paper.

African Roots and Culture a Modern Cubism Art, When you take a Really good Look at this painting, (it is what it say's it is) Africa Roots and It's Culture, Take a Really Good Look, Not Just a Glance but a really good relaxing one, Look really Deep Into the Painting and you will see The African People, Children, the Animals, Arts, Crafts, The Golds, Their Wealth, Their History, Antiquities, The Land, Their Cultures. Etc, Every time you Look at this painting you will always see some thing new, somethings that you never saw, Now Africa Is a Country that Gives me Allot of Inspiration, Especially when i Hear it's name or see it's Good People, that's how i ended up doing this piece of Art, Africa is a Part of My Great Inspiration,My Mother Land, My History, My Roots & Culture, I Hope viewers will feel/think the way i do when they view this painting, If not. Then in the Future if and when they see or come across this painting again then they will change their mind and agree with me. THE CANDLE AND IT'S HOLDER IN THIS PAINTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS PAINTING TO ME, NOT THAT THE OTHER THINGS AREN'T IMPORTANT. BUT THE CANDLE and the HOLDER IS, WHY???? you may ask, and my answer to you is this, The Candle Holding It's Light Represents the African People Holding their Roots and Culture, Why the Light is Vertical & not Horizontal ??, The Light Represents African Roots and Their Culture But THEY/AFRICANS are throwing Their Roots and Culture Away For Other Countries/RACE That's the reason the Light is Turned to the Left, while Standing on a LAND CALLED AFRICA WHICH IS THE CANDLE HOLDER, YES THE CANDLE HOLDER IS AFRICA (A LAND OF ANCIENT & Golden Antiquities THE MOTHER LAND) WHICH IS FLOWING WITH AN ON SIR MOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF WEALTH (THEY/AFRICANS JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE THEIR WEALTH AND LEGACY, THIS IS JUST ONE OF AFRICA BIGGEST PROBLEMS). This painting should have been all Oil Painting but i ran out, none the lest it's Still an Important painting, Mixed media Oil white with Iridescent Gold and Pastel then Spayed with CLEAR SEALER TO SEAL THE MEDIUMS IN PLACE ON THE Cartridge paper, so it's sealed to the paper for Life. Limited Edition Prints are now Available so Please get your Limited Editions, Maximum 25 Limited Editions Available until they run out, Just get in touch with me an Order that's all you need to do, you can get in touch with me by calling, if you are Interested in a Limited Edition THAT'S SIGNED BY THE ARTIST AND NUMBERED OUT OF (25 Editions) looking Forward to hearing from you my Jamaican number feel free to call #1876-246-9403 Thank you

Keywords: Modern Arts, Roots And Cultural Arts, Roots Art, Cubism Arts, Abstract Expressionism Arts, Jamaican Arts, Jamaica Roots & Cultures, Latin American Arts, African Roots & Cultures, African Arts, Cultural Arts, Expressionism Art

Subjects: Culture

Styles: Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Modern, Realism, Expressionism

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Paper

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