Anachronistic painterly art lessons about Peace And Freedom: Dawn Painting by Mircea-Ioan Lupu

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Art Description

Painting: Tempera, Ink on Canvas, Other.

The present work, entitled: Dawn, is part of a series of three for which I have chosen the collective name of: Anachronistic painterly art lessons about Peace And Freedom.
If in the ordinary life I often use strong words, in my paintings I prefer the subtlety of symbols. Employing a painterly solution which felt at home more than one century ago could seem anachronistic for the unaverted eye of an otherwise trained public. Yet, if, on the ground that the artist is nonetheless contemporary, you try to find a meaning in each element of these, else way, out-of-date compositions, you might have some unexpected satisfaction.
The presence or the lack of the horizon, the clouds, the moment of the day I chose to represent, the stylistic solution employed, the figurative elements of the composition, they all have something to communicate to the viewer. Not only in the recurrence of the woman and the horse, of those searching for her, not even in the ubiquity of the canine element is to be found the whole answer about the message these works are trying to convey, but also in the small variations. The chromatic choices for the characters, the fact that some of them wear boots, the way I depicted the roof’s tiles, the trees or the gate’s bars are all hints. And if the message is not clear, it is not because I couldn’t or wouldn’t share it with you more hastily, but because, at first, I wasn’t aware of it, myself. It revealed itself to me near the end of my work, as a result of some sort of meditative state which I often go through as I paint and which usually slows me down. That being said, if we choose to call the maiden Peace and the horse Freedom, we can easily gain access to the main core of the works, even if each detail we choose to interrogate might add something interesting to the story.




Anachronistic painterly art lessons about Peace And Freedom: Dawn

Mircea-Ioan Lupu


Size: 17.7 W x 13.8 H x 0.2 in

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