Another Way Of Transportation 2018 Painting by Dan Guz Man

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ballpoint Pen, Ink, Marker on Wood.

Another Way Of Transportation 2018

I made this painting inspired by a dream I had more than 25 years ago.

Inside my dream, i was walking to very high cliff in the mountains.

I was surounded by friend energy. I suddenly was inside this transparent eggshell structure which was like a giant bubble. The size enough to make space for me in a comfortable seating position. This egg form bubble floated.

I pushed myself through the cantilever and started descending at a very slow speed, which made the jump very enjoyable and safe, at the same time.

During the landing process, just before touching ground, the transparent egg shell structure desintegrated itself.
I think that: time, technology and proper reaearch and devolpment could bring this idea to real life.

By using a membrane that will not only not desintegrate but that would protect the occupant inside the eggshell "craft ship ". The drone technology plus the jet pack technology and NASA's R&D = something achivable.


Another Way Of Transportation 2018

Dan Guz Man



Size: 24 W x 24 H x 1 in

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