Armanis fashion temple is looking for new faces! ......Original. Painting by Igor Bajenov

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Art Description

Painting: Paint, Photo, C-type, Vector, Manipulated on Paper.

Armanis fashion temple is looking for new faces! ...... Highlights of 2017- exhibition titled: ..... When ARMANI calls, then the ALL! - Original ..... To see the entire exhibition On my website:

..... Fashion is food for the soul. The whole fashion story is told there over three floors in exhibits and a digital database. It is not a museum in the historical sense. "It is a place I give my city and I have gathered my work and dreams."

Photo: Davide LovattiYou have to go there: A former grain silo now houses the new Armani Museum "Silos"
But the story has not yet come to an end. Giorgio Armani is 81 years, but that is no reason. He looks dazzling, is bright, and does not think of the end, but the next collection. Almost it is embarrassing to ask such questions at all. He then looks a bit irritated. It's all alone. The whole empire belongs to him. And there is nothing in the company, he was not white.

Party, triumph and honor for Armani

At the beginning of the evening, all the guests have personally welcomed, with photo-posing. He also dominates that. No one feels just once dispatched. (Noun, masculine) Other people translated 'suit' into German:. Later on, at the end of the fiery fashion show, the ten-year-old haute couture of the last ten years, Tau Turner, again and again squeal, and Cate Blanchett, smiling, as her Oscar robe passed, Signore Armani then stand in front of the curtain Spotlight, enjoying the applause, raised the arms of the standing ovation, bowed, and stepped down.
In all the jubilation war the least entangled. The tie and the shirt but still, but also the night blue jersey jacket and the soft falling pants. It was his party, his triumph, his honor. But, of course, he has not become arrogant, but had backstage testing every model that stepped out, patterned, personally designed to every detail.

Photo: Giorgio ArmaniA eighty-cent stamp in honor of Armanis
So it was also in the morning, when he appeared a small round. On a doll that imagines. Is this a sentimental moment? For a moment, the designer paused. "What a question ?!" In the evening there was a small folder, a giveaway. Italy has dedicated its fashion maestro to an eighty-cent stamp. With the logo of the museum.



Armanis fashion temple is looking for new faces! ......Original.

Igor Bajenov



Size: 31.5 W x 39.4 H x 0.4 in

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