Athena Goddess of War - Soft War Painting by John Folley

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Athena unframed on an easel
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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Paint on Canvas, Wood.

This painting looks at the subject of modern warfare through the medium of still life. Athena, Goddess of War, is here embodied as modern warfare. While always having a soft feminine side, Athena here seems to have very little as far as martial aspects represented. Flowers, gloves, and pretty seashells surround her in a beautiful soft color scheme. When given a closer look however, the objects seem to be forming a type of explosion radiating from the biggest sea shell. The gloves could take on anthropomorphic qualities and be wringing in agony. All of this serves as a type of metaphor for the nature of the wars that our country and others are participating in currently - so often they impact us so indirectly that we are tempted to believe they don't exist or that they are somehow more humane than past conflicts.



Athena Goddess of War - Soft War

John Folley

United States


Size: 20 W x 32 H x 0.6 in

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