Blue Chimpanzee and Child Painting by Niladri Sarker

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Conte, Marker on Canvas, Other, Paper.

Chimps are our closest relatives, sharing over 99% of our genes. But they, along with most other large mammals, have been poached and hunted to the brink of extinction. There are at this point only a few thousand of the two species of chimpanzees, the common chimp and the pygmy chimp (also known as the bonobo), remaining in the wild. The image shown here is a limited edition canvas print (Giclee) of my original artwork. The blue color is meant to signify the condition of these species.

As an avid nature addict and globetrotter, I regularly visit far-flung destinations in search of endangered wildlife, and document these in my photographs to be later used to create original artwork. These chimps are among some of the most critically endangered ones, and also the ones whose extinction would perhaps bring the grave reality of extinction all the way to our own doorsteps.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried to convey here a sense of hope, having the adult chimp carry the baby, perhaps in search of brighter days ahead. The painting was done in broad, bold brushstrokes, and with heavy dripping paint. I’ve also used spatula to give the figures sharp edges.

In reality, most of what I paint are animals whose demise has crossed a tipping point: indeed, some of them might not even survive as a species in the time it takes for my work to be hung on a gallery wall. Many others remain, and these are exotic, playful, quirky, but all infinitely precious, and have no less right to live on this planet than any one of us. We owe it to the children of the future – both theirs and ours – to ensure that they survive… and thrive well.

It's worth noting that in an effort to do my part in conservation, I donate about 10% of the profits on the sale of my wildlife artwork to non-profit charities, such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). So, thanks for visiting - you've truly made a difference!!!


Blue Chimpanzee and Child

Niladri Sarker

United States


Size: 40 W x 30 H x 2 in

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