CRAB COVE 8 Painting by Betty Jo Costanzo

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Wood.

My current work TimeSCAPES, Landscapes in Motion began in 2008 and continues today. It was at this time that my painter’s eye woke up again and I was seeing thru the camera lens the movement of painting with light and time passages. Now for each new location I find myself in or visit, I am recording a painting about to happen.

My process starts with either finding this place per chance, like the Friday Harbor series, or traveling to a location specifically for shooting, such as the series from Lake Chelan a glacier fed lake in eastern WA.

Lately, I gravitate towards water reflections and refractions always inside of the movement. Seeking out vibrant hues, tones and values in this movement is the deciding factor before pressing the “record” button. Yet, one more thing - the framing. I find that my compositions, tending towards the abstract, intuitively reflect what is in front of me which is really my awareness of that which is beyond my line of sight and hearing. Yes and I forgot about the sound, that is key as well.

The more I am arrested by the site and the deeper the impression, the more I am able to translate this into the video editing and then into the painting process. But before I get to the painting, I select from the numerous short video clips the few that are startling and I begin editing. This usually includes slowing down the image, some slight color correction, while keeping the sound the original speed. The goal is to create seamless video loops that will be played non-stop either by themselves or in tandem with several
others in the studio.

Inside the studio I am surrounded by sounds, video and paintings in all stages. It is not one painting, nor one video nor one sound bite, but a time based installation that prompts me physically to move and translate through my body the fluidity of these sounds and images onto the painted surfaces. I work best on a larger scale and when I can move from one work to another. Really, this is performance with my body, surfaces and paint.





Betty Jo Costanzo

United States


Size: 20 W x 24 H x 2 in

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Artist featured in a collection

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Artist Recognition

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