Climax desire Painting by R P Singh

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas.

Every woman wants her partner to come in shape or structure in which there is a horse-like strength, which can lead her to the extreme position of orgasm.
A yellow face is a young man who has the capacity to reach his girlfriend in the extreme position of climax, but his beloved wants horse-like strength in him, which can make him enjoy the extreme condition of orgasm.
The face of red is an approximately 45 year old man whose heart is still eager to reach his paramount state of ecstasy and his face is fed like a flower.
The blue face is about 55 years of age, in which the heart is still hot desires of orgasm and flowers are blossomed on the face.
"Umar Pachpan ki
Dil Bachpan ka "
The face of a black man is of an old man, in which there is no desire to have sex, and they are lost,
But flowers are blossomed in a second black face which is showing that he still wants to have sex in his heart. Age is seventy but heart is childhood now.




Climax desire

R P Singh



Size: 24.2 W x 36.3 H x 1.3 in

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