Cognition Painting by Tanya Vasilenko

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

From "6 sense" artworks series.

Experience is a personal thing. Even when learning from something else, we can not replace their ones with our own experience.

Cognition makes us change the point of view on things we did not know about before.

Change of the world begins with Cognition. We can not change anything without understanding how it works.
Cognition does not always make us happy with the facts, but cognition can be an adventure.

Again - to convey what we know, as our personal experience, to someone else fully is unlikely, people should look themselves for many answers on certain things.

The effort to teach someone something is impossible without the will to this from the very host.

Cognition is an ability and requires a work, not necessarily and not always being a pleasure.

Cognition is often a necessity. We can not progress, remaining at the same level of cognition, therefore cognition is an exchange. For cognition, the external world is necessary, since to cognize only one's inner is to be isolated from the world.

And although someone could equate cognition and meditation, however, meditation requires solitude, and cognition requires the presence of the external world.

The question is, what exactly do we want to cognize.

"6 sense" artworks series.

Are you familiar with the 6th feeling? It helps us form a realistic vision of the world around us by intuitively penetrating our subconscious. Perceiving reality with the help of 5 senses allows you to be a wholly integrated person and live in harmony with yourself and the world around you. However, the 6th feeling, which is grounded in the thirst for a deeper understanding of unexplored matter, influences our perception of the real world. The 6th feeling helps us realize the subtle ways of the world; it gives us the freedom of knowing the “unknown.”

This series, by Tanya Vasilenko, is also about color and the influence color has on us and our emotions. The artwork reflects the moods and feelings of the artist during pivotal life moments. Vasilenko hopes to have a dialogue with the viewer through her work as she uses the layering of color to uncover her own emotions. Do you feel the 6th sense? How would you describe that feeling?

The painting has a heavy paint texture on the surface (a raised surface).





Tanya Vasilenko



Size: 23.6 W x 31.5 H x 1.6 in

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