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Baker Collection



Size: 77 W x 48 H x 1.5 in

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Artist featured in a collection

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas.

Artist Nicole Baker has mastered the art of visual rhythm with her original one-off mark making methods in Dapper
Original abstract artwork Dapper speaks charisma and strength of character. This abstract painting has a compelling attractiveness, a charm that can inspire devotion in others.

Dapper is well suited to a room that has a strong bold energy flowing through it, the colour palette of this original abstract artwork ROCKS. Seriously. Blocked out vibrant orange areas are layered between painterly marks of yellow ochre, pastel mauves and pinks, Prussian blue and olive greens.

This large scale stretched canvas is 122 x 198cm in size.

Dapper would command the space of a lounge room, office or a bedroom. It would work into a room with neutral cool tones such as blue and greys just as much as it would a room with creams and taupe. Because this painting is so bold, less is more in the room it hangs. It can be complimented with simple soft furnishings such as bedding, cushions and throws.

Dapper is a stretched 38mm canvas on a pine frame. It can be framed with an oak, black or white floating frame or left as is.

In this original abstract artwork artist Nicole Baker has worked with acrylic paint in the background and foreground and overlapped it with oil. Brush and drawn marks add interest and captivate the viewer. Typical of her mark making gestural style Nicole’s paintings do not out rightly depict anything. No two people will ever observe the same things. Unless there is some very in-depth conversation going on.

“I have met with collectors that have purchased or commissioned my artwork. Who love their pieces just as much as the day they purchased them. One particular person that comes to mind hung one of my original paintings in a living room/bar area. Her and her partner told me they have had countless nights with guests over for dinner and drinks – she is a real social butterfly. And the painting always becomes the center talking point. The discussions are who can see what in the painting. It gets very interesting once we have had a cocktail or two.” Nicole Baker

Walking into a room with Abstract Art

There is always a sense of style and sophistication when you walk into a room that has the stage presence of a large original abstract artwork. It should immediately sing to anyone who enters the room. Demand the persons time for viewing. “It is not like a landscape, seascape or still life that presents itself to you straight away.” Nicole Baker

Good abstract original artwork should also withstand the test of time and fit in with any décor. Dapper would work in just as easily with an antique piece of furniture as it would a Jeef Koon sculpture.

A large painted abstract canvas should Feng Shui a room instantly. One single abstract painting can speak a thousand words literally. To get the best Feng Shui from your abstract art piece choose a painting on the elements that you love or the energetic frequencies it gives you. Feel the vibes! Dapper has a lot of earthiness and sunshine. “To me it has a strong presence.” Nicole Baker

Nicole’s original abstract artwork instantly becomes the center point of every room it hangs in.





Artist Recognition

Artist featured in a collection

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