Disturbance , composition No 1 Painting by Hemad javadzade

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Disturbance , composition No 1

Hemad javadzade



Size: 70.9 W x 47.2 H x 0.8 D in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

Contrast with the concept of conflict and contradiction, a definition that encompasses the severity and long distance. In basic courses of visual arts, definition of the contrast starts with light and shadow, then goes in colors, forms and subject. I’ve been always fascinated by contrast and conflicts in the visual elements and subjects and tried to bring them in creation of my artworks. To illustrate emotions, full of movement and forms along with the stillness of the effectuation of an ambiguous concept.
In last years, subjects and compositions of my artworks have changed. I’m still trying to be away from routine and the atmosphere of naturism and make my own fantasy image of the being. The Disturbance collection is and integration of different aspects of visual contrast. Circular form of muscle tissue against rough and hard rock as well as agitated feathers and shiny and smooth aquatic skins in contrast with the hard stones and rocks. Rocks and stones that naturally should be inanimate and static, in this collection become subject to the suspended and moving materials with extremely alerting colors crashed into the animal subject.
In contrast, living subjects with grey color and intertwined form that are inevitably motionless. An iconic staring eye of animal subject makes a connection with the viewer. An eye with a sense of innocence and misery, Caught in an internal conflict and vulnerability against the itinerant red flashy rocks.
At first sight, this collection might mind to the notifier view of the environment, extinction of animals and its ramifications. However, I am looking forward to getting a purer subject and seek deeper layers of the philosophy of contemporary human existence. Illustrating the alienation of this small part of nature with undermine structures of the cosmos. An image that deals with more general and broader objection to the foundations of today’s human thought and lifestyle.
The spirit of the Eastern culture has always been my emphasis on the subject of acquisition and implementation techniques. I’ve always been interested in using materials with historical background as techniques with originality such as paper and watercolor. In the Disturbance collection choosing the vertical frame helped to achieve to a fanciful and non-terrestrial space. There is also some artworks in this collection, which done on canvas with some slightly changes in technique and dimensions