Embrace the Elephant Painting by Eva van den Hamsvoort

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Paint on Canvas.

These elephants ares the fourth in the series ‘Animals are Wild’.

I painted these as I am struck by the beauty and strength of elephants and the way they move, protect their child and eat.
I’m also concerned about their existence, and hope they will be on the planet for ever.
This painting contains of may layers and in the process I ordened more and more to emphasize the message: they are in danger, because of the hunting. At the same time, I wish to show their beauty in an esthetic painting, so I used outlines to ‘protect’ them and playful dripping techniques.

I am fascinated by wild animals, how they walk, look, the instinct and the wisdom they have. I like to watch images, photos and especially films in which you learn a lot about them and experience the beauty. It is frightening that some animals are threatened. I pay tribute to animals in a series of paintings. Not in a literal, realistic way, but I give a personal interpretation. I show the feeling, pleasure and versatility that the animals give me through my own 'instinct': painting with smooth brush strokes and special color combinations.

The painting is made on a high quality linen. The frame of the painting is very solid and made of aluminium, the sides are painted in a neutral grey colour. The painting has a direct, vivid expression and has lots of structure, layers and texture. The painting is finished with a satin varnish.




Embrace the Elephant

Eva van den Hamsvoort



Size: 47.2 W x 35.4 H x 0.8 in

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