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Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair Showed at the The Other Art Fair

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Other.

The following work explores the materiality of acrylic painting and the formal relationships of the pictorial surface. For example, some of the paintings in this collection are displayed on the floor, not the wall. As a painter, I wish to explore the materiality of acrylic paint by creating paintings that are free-standing, 3-dimensional forms with mass, volume and magnitude which interact with the space around them. Having the work displayed on the floor, not only negates the confines of the wall, but it frees up all possibilities for expression, therefore allowing me to thematically reference the human condition in ways that go beyond the traditional rectangle or square. How do I do this? By exposing the strengths, weaknesses and eventual deterioration of materials. These works are paintings, not sculptures or mixed media. They are about and made with PAINT. They have a surface, just as traditional paints have a surface. They contain and exude light, just as traditional paintings can give an illusion of light. However, my paintings can be engaged with in our world, from within the space that one inhabits. One can walk around these paintings, see inside them, observe how they interact with the space, light and shadow around them. These paintings are forever in the present space, and are therefore timeless.

Keywords: Paintings, Non-traditional, Vivid, Tactile, Colourful, Contemporary, Materiality, Architectural, Grid, Built Environment, Hybrid, Challenge The Norm

Subjects: Architecture

Styles: Conceptual, Abstract Expressionism, Modern, Minimalism, Fine Art

Mediums: Acrylic

Materials: Other

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Artist Recognition

Showed at the The Other Art Fair Handpicked to show at The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art in New York, New York