Fengshui Research No.21 Painting by shengyi fang

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Art Description

Painting: Ink, Paper, Woodcut on Paper, Wood.

Every daily objects and occurrences mean something to the Chinese ancients: falling of a star, appearance of a bird, orientation of a house, the location of a tomb, even babbles coming out of a child’s mouth. When the 10-year-long Culture Revolution took place, under the slogan of “smash every single old ideas, old cultures, old customs and old habits”, these traditional values were shattered into pieces.
Influenced by his family, the artist was fond of collecting relics of the past. He likes watching these cultural remnants self-mending and mutating. In his collection, there are a few “Geology” texts from Qing and Republic era, that were manuals for Fengshui masters. In these manuals there are many illustrations of Fengshui manipulation. The compositions of these illustration are different from that of traditional Chinese paintings, yet they are linked by the same thread. In Fengshui, the five elements “Dragon (Long)", "Cave (Xue)", "Sand (Sha)", "Water (Shui)", "Direction (Xiang)" are represented by a set of symbols, and its system is in accordance with Manual of the famous Mustard Seed Garden of traditional Chinese painting.
In the discipline of traditional Chinese painting, the constructive elements such as the mountain, the water, the cloud, the stone and the tree, each has their own drawing methods and formal rules. Its existence can be seen as a matrix of symbols. As for Fengshui Research series, it was created with more than 90 pieces of carved plates, a matrix of symbols with infinite juxtapositions and combinations that reproduce themselves.
It is the interrupted culture that might be preserved and passed on through these abstract representations in the works.



Fengshui Research No.21

shengyi fang

United States


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