Gewahrsein Nº 17 Painting by Karsten Ramser

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Gewahrsein Nº 17.1.

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Watercolor, Household, Ink on Other.

The whole work of Gewahrsein (Awareness in German) is a direct expression of the timeless experience of the Non-dual state of beingness. This artwork has not a "Story" to tell, it is the pure reflection of Innerness.
There was no intention to paint it, it just happens out of a deep contemplative state of being.
It is, pure Isness and I Amness.
In the process of "coming into being" [Creation] there was no I or me involve in the classic sense; the Artist is the connection between the medium, material, emotion, mind, body, space and the Universal-Conscious-Creative-Intelligence.
Karsten Ramser don't claim to be the "Creator", the Creation happens, creativity express this happening through him.

The viewer see what ever is in his/her mind, able to see "nothing" and enter the space of non-knowing and Emptiness and may this way he/she can connect with the Unnameable, the essence of existence.

There are 2 ways of framing; floating are you can just take the artwork as it is and "stick it" to the wall and with a metal frame.
Please contact Karsten Ramser for more details.



Gewahrsein Nº 17

Karsten Ramser



Size: 48 W x 48 H x 0.4 in

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