Grin and bear it Painting by Christopher Evans

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Spray Paint on Canvas.

Christopher Evans uses abstract forms of painting and drawing to explore the cultural problem of masculinity preventing men from seeking mental health treatment. With repetitive mark making, he symbolizes the struggle of his own mental illness and the constant and never-ending process of finding wellness within the confines of societal expectations of manliness. Although some work focuses solely on this repetitive and redundant aspect, other work focuses on the transformative aspect of using that discipline to bring order into a chaotic landscape and successfully mask underlying issues in order to appear socially functional. However, he invites the viewer to investigate closely by providing small visual cues to draw them in that show a tumultuous existence beneath a more orderly facade.

Christopher also paints "Self Portraits" in which he openly and honestly portrays his illness by anthropomorphizing the physical effects brought forth from the inward trauma (i.e. teeth grinding, skin problems.) He does so by using subversive and self-deprecating humor because in his own words, "If I am not laughing, I'm crying."

With his work, Christopher hopes to open a necessary dialogue in society with the problematic preconceptions surrounding masculinity versus vulnerability. He hopes to reframe the conversation that mental health problems are equivalent to a form of anti-masculine weakness and that in doing so, he encourages others to continue this conversation in their own lives.

"In wretched little lives like that, someone must intervene. Or at least mark their sad comings and goings. Mark and if possible permanently record, so they'll be remembered. For a better day, later on, when people will understand."

Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly



Grin and bear it

Christopher Evans

United States


Size: 42 W x 30 H x 1.5 in

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