Harbor Afternoon Painting by Konstantin Savchenko

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Konstantin Savchenko was born in the Ukrainian town of Slaviansk, to the family of remarkable painter Yuri Savchenko. His father’s work as well as his rural environment proved to be his greatest inspiration. Additional influences to his artistic style and approach can be found in Romanticism, Impressionism, and even the color palette and romantic flourishes of the Rococo.

The artist attempts to draw his audience away from the adverse effects of industrialization by presenting them with an alternative aesthetic –one that he believes embodies freedom of expression and from representation while still maintaining a grasp on reality. And so, abstract or painterly images of nature make up the majority of his subject matter.

Within his Park Scenes, he incorporates the individual within a large landscape to further demonstrate man’s relative insignificance to the vastness of nature. This juxtaposition, he claims, is not to be confused with isolationism, but rather –gives existential solace to the individual by returning him to nature. Furthermore, by coupling these individuals, he means to further emphasize the importance of companionship within that framework.

His floral arrangements express the romantic ideals of nature in an alternative approach: by suspending flowers against an abstract background as though they exist in a dream.

Konstantin’s color choices and paint application are very intentional and meant to evoke strong emotion from the viewer. He applies paint directly to the canvas with his palette knife to give his painting a very textured look and feel.




Harbor Afternoon

Konstantin Savchenko

United States


Size: 24 W x 36 H x 1 in

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