Heart Sutra Painting by Darius Chang

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Heart Sutra

Darius Chang

United Kingdom


Size: 154 W x 98 H x 2 in

This artwork is not for sale.
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Art Description

Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas, Sound.

Mixed media on 282 6"by6" canvases
Sound piece (1min30sec loop)
Heart Sutra REMIX (XXYYXX-DMT) produced by Alex Bao

Buddhism has always been a part of my life due to the older generation of the family's belief and traditions. My mother's side grandfather is a Chinese Calligraphy artist and his 'Heart Sutra' has always been my favourite piece of all time (for the pretty-cool looks, and the idea of traditional art fascinates me). I have always wanted to do something with his calligraphy art and carry it forward. However, the scriptures meant nothing to me until my father's side grandparents passed away one followed by another with an exact 48-hour gap while I was still in London. I loved them so dearly and did not get a chance to see them for the last time. All I could do when I got back home in Taiwan was to pray and read the scriptures to them for approximately 6 hours everyday for a month. That was the last thing I felt like I could do for my lost loved ones.

The chanting of reading the scriptures with the monks, nuns, my family and many relatives created this very special atmosphere that amazed me. I wanted to show how I felt at the moments through the sound piece.

I have been influenced by all type of art forms from ink, Pop art, contemporary installations to street art. Especially enjoy the process of making art, the randomness or little details in all kind of art that would put a smile to my face. And I wish to do the same for others.

Taking traditional mediums and modern medias, things that matter the most to me and art that has inspired me, have them remixed and transformed into my own Heart Sutra. It is a devotion and dedication to my grandparents.


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