Help / Under My Skin

United Kingdom

Size: 94.5 H x 67 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Collage: Acrylic and Glass on Canvas, Glass, Wood and Other.

I love making Stained Glass, I am experimenting with Stained Glass in many different formats. I like the contrast between different materials, and the ever changing light reflection in different angles.

The main factor why I did the collage Help, is when I find a picture of Alexander McQueen with writing on his forehead HELP. A question pops in my head "Why?"

It’s all start me to create this new project “Under my Skin”, because what is really under our skin.

Acrylic on canvas, stained glass, wood, dust, glass, resin

The process

I make the frame in the shape I desire, then I make the stained glass panel which I fit in to the frame, creating back panel with a reflecting foil which allowed reflect the light which keep the colour of the stained glass vibrant and ever changing. I stretch the canvas on the frame, write the text and draw the lines appearing front of me like on my skin. I paint all over it with primer, what’s making the writing and the lines visible only from angles. When the picture is finished I cut the part of the canvas where the stained glass is. Metaphorically to reveal what is under my skin. The picture is finished with red edges and a lose canvas on the bottom line as the feeling of a skin. Where ever I can I am using recycled material in this expression I am using dust.

Keywords: People, Black, Space, Blue, Time, White, Stained Glass, Green, Identity, Knowing, Glass In Painting

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Conceptual, Fine Art

Mediums: Acrylic, Glass

Materials: Canvas, Glass, Wood, Other

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