Jardin des Tuileries Painting

Sarah Gilbert Fox

United States

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About The Painting

Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the Painting, "Jardin des Tuileries," by Sarah Gilbert Fox, available for purchase at $3,170 USD. Original Painting: Acrylic on Paper.

The idea that one day our children will not be able to enjoy the lovely Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries Garden) in Paris because America did not join in the agreement this year, astounds me. Astounds many Americans... astounds many citizens of the world. I had originally set out this year to paint the gardens of Paris (my old stomping grounds), but had put those paintings aside to work on some of my animal paintings. Until yesterday. Then I pulled the garden paintings out and began to add the finishing touches. These paintings are dedicated to the French - for continuing to focus on the quality of life - which is what they do best - and to all Francophiles. My hope is that this painting will bring back the happy memories for those who have walked the gardens or cat napped on a bench or sailed a toy boat in the small pond... or for those who have not yet been but one day hope to go. What inspired this work? The French. And the Paris Agreement (Accord de Paris) - the agreement between countries regarding climate change. Plain and simple. Normally I paint on canvases. But I recently discovered archival paper. As I often move back and forth from DC to France, I needed to have art that was easy to move. Also, the quality of the paint is the same as that on canvas, but the shipping cost is vastly different. Although I can't give up the canvas completely, the idea that cutting the cost for an art lover is a beautiful concept. ____________________ More about my process: My go-to paint brands are predominately Golden and Liquitex. Sometimes Utrecht, Blick and Sennelier creep in there, too. The brushes used are whatever is hanging around not covered in paint. I also use a lot of cotton cloths to blend the paint around. Oh, yes, and my trusty spatula knife. Almost all of my paintings are finished off with my own painting-framing technique, which allows the paintings to be hung without frames. The process is organic, with me putting a lot of Payne's gray in the palm of my hands, and then palming the color around the sides of the painting - bleeding over the edge a bit - so the sides of the painting are black. Payne's gray was the first paint I used to do this, and it's sort of a good luck thing. I like to think that the luck is passed onto whomever is looking at the paintings. The buyers who have decided to have my work frame, tend to use floating frames. I'm a published novelist. I've written 4 novels (translated into 14 languages). But I love painting more. (Between January and April of 2017, I have painted over 75 paintings - large and small). My novels were deemed funny and people wrote that my stories brought them great pleasure and happiness. I hope that my paintings will do the same. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sarah To read more about the inspiration for some of my paintings (new stories are added often), please visit my online gallery at: http://sarahgilbertfox.com