Kauboi Painting by Jeremiah Krage

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Marker, Fabric, Household on Canvas.

Part of my ongoing exploration of Art for Entrepreneurs - creating work that reflects and supports the process of business building.

'Kauboi' reflects the necessity and benefits of failure in achieving success. By building on past mistakes, dead-ends, and rejections, a complex and varied image emerges.

"all successes are built on a pile of failures"
- Brooke Castillo (entrepreneur and business coach)

A canvas composed of stitched pieces serves as the foundation for a collage of experiments and failures. This piece required a commitment to a process of discovery, a willingness to take imperfect action, and the discipline to build on the results until a coherent whole could emerge.

The title 'Kauboi' is a contemporary take on the myth of the cowboy - rugged individuals braving uncertainty and hardship while navigating vast open spaces in the pursuit of success.




Jeremiah Krage

United Kingdom


Size: 30.3 W x 22.9 H x 2 in

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