LATE IN SUMMER (triptych) Painting by Christian Bahr

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triptych LATE IN SUMMER (three studies)
optional horizontal hanging side by side
vertical hanging on top of each other
upper/left part of the triptych: FROM SUMMER TO FALL I (study)
medium/center part of the triptych: OF LOVE AND HOPE AT THE END OF SUMMER (study)

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil on Canvas.

triptych 2018 - three studies
vertical hanging (on top of each other):
120 (w) x 250 (h) x 2 cm
optional horizontal hanging (side by side):
380 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm
acrylic and oil on canvas

The three paintings in a landscape format are different studies for a giant painting that I've put into effect after two very creative and challenging months in summer 2018. All three studies (and the giant painting) focus on the same message and tell something about the melancholical feelings in late summer when the wind changes and suddenly there are first clouds in our blue sky. We don’t want the summer and sunny light to end but late summer turns to autumn, and the winter is just a question of time. It’s a slow process with countless steps from the light into the dark. The sun already descents but we want to resist, we want to stop the run of the sun, and if it’s only for a little while. But we are no gods. We are not immortal. And hope and love are the answers that help us through darker hours. We smile and kiss and drink and remember Dylan Thomas: we don’t go gentle into that good night. There is no real final, we are just a small part of the circle.

* * *

This trilogy contains 3 single paintings, each in acrylic and oil on canvas and each with dimensions of 120 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm. The triptych offers two very different hanging possibilities.


(a) vertical hanging on top of each other: beautiful and very creative hanging method if you have enough ceiling height. If so I prefer a hanging distance each of 5 cm between the 3 single paintings.In that case the complete dimension, including the hanging space between the three paintings: 120 (w) x 250 (h) x 2 cm.

(b) horizontal hanging side by side: traditional but also beautiful hanging method of the triptych. If so I prefer a hanging distance each of 10 cm between the 3 single paintings. Complete dimensions of this artwork, including the hanging space between the single paintings: 380 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm.

* * *

The triptych combines following studies and should "read" from top to bottom (hanging on top of each other) respectively from left to right (hanging side by side):

acrylic and oil on canvas, 2018, 120 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm
upper/left part of the triptych

acrylic and oil on canvas, 2018. 120 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm
medium/center part of the triptych

arylic and oil on canvas, 2018, 120 (w) x 80 (h) x 2 cm
lower/right part of the triptych

* * * *

"The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer."
~ George R.R. Martin

"…and all at once, summer collapsed into fall."
~ Oscar Wilde

* * *

This piece is a true LARGE-SIZED TRIPTYCH. For a large-scale, aesthetic and colourful impression on your wall AND as my authentic and personal artwork with an artistic subsurface message. All of these paintings also for sale as single pieces here at Saatchi Art. This trilogy offers a price advantage in comparision to the summarized single selling prices. For further information about the specific topic of each artwork and more photos please visit the pages of the 3 single paintings at Saatchi Art.

I use exclusively oil and acrylic colours, canvas and wooden frames in a professional museum quality. The three paintings wear my signature on the front and are signed, entitled and dated on the backside and need a single hanging (no backside connections between the paintings). Deliberately the sides are not part of the painting and show the white "naked" pure canvas. The three paintings are ready to hang (on the backsides: high-quality iron plates with metal inserts and nylon rope for gallery use), unframed and don’t need a frame or any additional surface treatment. The piece will be safely shipped in a custom wooden crate. It will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a cover letter.

Please note: In context pictures are not necessarily to scale and are for illustrative purposes only. If you have any questions about this artwork or any other piece, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my work.

Warm wishes,




LATE IN SUMMER (triptych)

Christian Bahr



Size: 47.2 W x 98.4 H x 0.8 in

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