Lampedusa Painting by Carlos Blanco Artero

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Artwork process at the Museum Story Center in Spain 2017
Carlos Blanco Artero working on "Lampedusa" in the Museum Story Center in Spain

Art Description

Painting: Oil, Charcoal, Conte, Graphite, Wax on Canvas.

"The project that I am currently developing revolves around the concept of crowd, both formally and stylistically as well as conceptually. I'm interested in the multitudinous representation of elements, in most cases characters that usually appear shouting. To increase this overwhelming and somewhat chaotic feeling, the images are located on a white background, which in my point of view disconnects the motif of the environment, focusing all attention on the concept of representation.
This artwork was made by the Museum History Center in Spain, and is part of this series of works on the crowds; starting from this (and stating that I think each generation has to paint their cry, and I think the refugees is one of the cries of ours) I tried to capture the anguish and suffering of all those people. In this image there is neither the sea, nor the sky, nor anything that really identifies the image with Lampedusa, but I believe that this is the important thing, to try to focus attention only on the drama and suffering.

My painting has been transformed in these years from a new figuration, to a more expressive, gestural painting, where the figurative element is still, but more blurred. Knowing the work of George Condo in New York was undoubtedly one of the starting points of my current project, as well as seeing the works of Cy Twombly, who possesses all the strength and poetry with absolute elegance. "

Carlos Blanco Artero (Madrid 1983) has exhibited in Museums, Galleries and Institutions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Paris, Zaragoza, Barcelona or Madrid, and his works are in public and private collections in New York, Japan, Singapour, Mexico, Los Angeles, Miami, Austria, Madrid, Bilbao, Mallorca, Santander, Australia, Lybia, Paris and London.




Carlos Blanco Artero



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