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Painting: Oil on Wood.

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Misericordiae. The Divine Mercy.

Oil Painting on wood. Painted in different layers of colors, each coat of which is left to dry before the next is added, thus leaving the artist-monk long intervals to spend in meditation. The result gives richer, more brilliant and more subtle colors. And also gives more mystery and more depth to the artwork.
The work consists of two main parts :
A lower part: about a third party up to the horizon. Earth
An upper part: about two thirds party, from the horizon to the top. Heaven
The lower part depicts a real-life event. Real, but in a symbolic representation. The symbolic event of a dying soul. It's not a person dying. This person is not dying physically, but spiritually. That could be anybody in very good health condition, but who is very close to lose his soul. So, this symbolic representation of a Dying soul shows the moment when the soul has a desperate attempt to calling God. This is represented by the raised hand. It is the first step of repentance. There is an other hand on the right side. We only see the hand and a part of the arm. It is the hand of an unknown person. This hand goes toward the hand of the dying soul with the intention to help. This hand symbolize the will of any Christian who wants to help and save a person. It's very important to understand that this hand is necessary. Because a person who is far away from God need at least a visible sign to find the way of repentance, and then conversion. That is the responsibility of any Christian to give this sign expressed through the willingness to help. The movement of the these two hands shows two connected events : At first the sign expressed by the willingness to help from an unknown person, and, because of this sign, the second event is the will of the dying soul to be saved. When these two conditions are fulfilled (sign to help and acceptation of this sign), at this instant God can save. That what we can see in the upper part of the painting.
The upper parts show what happens in Heaven. When an event is occurring on earth, in the same time something is taking place in heaven. All the upper part depicts what happens in the heaven at the same instant: the wonderful action of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity : The Arm and Hand of God the Father (it's a reproduction in clouds of the hand helping on earth) with the faces of three archangels, The Holy Spirit acting intensively between the two hands (That mean the two willingness, hands are symbolic representation of willingness), and then, nearer to the earth, the face of Jesus Christ on the cross. We can observe how the face of Jesus bows with condolence towards the dying soul. Just over the face of Jesus we can see in the clouds the face of the dying soul. That means the fact that Jesus is carrying the soul in his mind. And also just over the face of the dying soul, on the right side we can see the face of an angel: It's the guardian angel praying profoundly. All the colors and the movements of the clouds contribute to show a real outburst of joy. “...that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth... » Luc 15-7. All the elements representing heaven (clouds, heavenly blue, light) do not try to portray Heaven as another sky. However, they attempt to give us a spiritual idea of the “Heaven” that no human eye can see. So, they are used to express celestial realities: not only to give a visual idea, but more to invite us to watch with the heart, with the spirit. In that way, clouds shows the fluidity, smoothness, evanescent and free movements of Heaven. Deep blue shows its infinite and unfathomable depths. The whole is made up of curves, showing the evolution-creation continuum, and the harmonious movement of the streams of Heaven (streams of spirits and of will to love). We can also see angels which appear in this continuous movement.

Keywords: Saved, Spiritual, Misericordia , Compassion, Dying Soul

Subjects: Religious

Styles: Figurative, Fine Art, Surrealism

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Wood

Prints: Religious Art Prints, Figurative Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Surrealism Art Prints, Oil Art Prints, Wood Art Prints

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