Mob Painting by O O

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Art Description

Painting: Spray Paint, aluminum, Ink, Metal on Aluminium, Wood.

Stenciled spot white spray paint, UV cured solvent based inks and stenciled black gloss spray paint over distressed, sanded scratched and dinged aluminum (like me, like the world). When I got into the subject of guns and oil, I accepted them as undeniable forces of nature, as necessary stages of human/earth evolution. I found ways to integrate the earth's image into my neutral explorations of these forces.

It's easy to take a moral stance against "big oil". I used to see oil for all it's most negative moments, the spills, the mutifaceted environmental/geopolitical impacts and oil's role in climate change/mass extinction. Mob is about the new evolution paradigm: survival for not only every living thing's, but of our own ability to adapt to the presence of man. Evolve or Dissolve, change or die, will always be the first law of survival. As earths apex predator, we've reached a point of dominance where consciousness of self and species preservation has to be factored into our actions in order for our level of aggression to be sustainable.

Mob is colorful, industrial. I sometimes call it my little pony. Playful, yet deadly serious.





United States


Size: 48 W x 48 H x 2.7 in

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