Noh Theater Masks: Jealousy

United States

Size: 48 H x 20 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Oil

This painting "Noh Theater Masks: Jealousy" is one of diptych piece of "Japanese Noh Theater Masks: Envy and Jealousy". In the image Jealousy, I used two Noh theater masks called "ko-omote" and "hannya" to express Jealousy; the envy reaches the peak and transforms into jealousy. The force of jealousy overwhelms and destroys the mask ko-omote that still showing smiling with full of confidence.

Through the diptych piece "Envy" and "Jealousy" I wanted to express the emotional conflicts created from the deep, dark side of the human mind.

Medium: Oil Painting on Masonite
Year Created: 2002

Keywords: painting, symbolism, world culture, expression, Japanese culture, Noh Mask, jealousy, mask

Subjects: World Culture

Styles: Expressionism

Mediums: Oil

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