Not my type Painting by Liam Collins

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Ink, Metal, Environmental, Acrylic on Iron, Marble, Stone, Wood, Sound.

Description of works
Not my type 1 Is about the demise of the amazing typewriter. Born in the Victorian era at the end of the industrial revolution paved the way for the fast approaching electric typewriter and the computer age. A homage to Christopher Sholes, It is a series of old rusty typewriters drowning in a sea of fossilized marble. This innovative machine reshaped the way we communicate. From the print revolution, a humble letter into a lightning speed futuristic form of communication. Exiting the Victorian era, this incredible machine was once considered the cutting edge of future technology and greased the cogs for the fast approaching modern computer.
I hope to evoke critical thinking around how the past affects the future with the transition of new technology.
I see beauty in decaying mechanisms. The multilayers of different ochres are impossible to recreate.

Not my type

Liam Collins

United Kingdom


Size: 15 W x 35 H x 7 in

This artwork is not for sale.