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United Kingdom

Size: 27.6 H x 39.4 W x 1.6 in


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Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas.

One of my favorite quotes is;
‘Great art picks up where nature ends’
by Marc Chagall

With this in mind, I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration from nature. Recently I have been studying the alluring colours that surround us, those which we often take for granted. Exploring the way they move together, blend into one another. The contrasts between the darks and lights, the dull and the vivid. The ability nature has to create something so beautiful from the chaos of a seemingly accidental occurrence.

The idea for "Blue Sea" was not to outright copy a picture of the ocean, but instead to mimic the spontaneity and randomness of how such an extraordinary natural image can form. To do this I used a multitude of techniques: dripping, flicking and spraying paints onto the canvas, using thick blocks of colour that I then stripped apart using large amounts of water and varnish. Letting different mediums of colours layer on top of each other, disperse across the canvas, allowing them to fight each other for space, contradicting themselves, connecting together then moving apart again. Picking up and moving the canvas so the paints could move across each other, allowing layers of gold spray paint to settle on top of blues, greens and oranges, forming pockets of depth and 3D shapes – manipulating the randomness to become what is actually a loose compositional structure of the colours and shapes that form on a daily basis in the sea.

Keywords: sea, space, water, abstract, ocean

Subjects: Nature

Styles: Abstract Expressionism

Mediums: Mixed Media

Artist Recognition

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