Oh Yeah! Painting by Claire Brewster

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Paint, Paper on Canvas, Paper.

This original acrylic painting is unframed and can be hung directly on the wall.

My magazine paintings celebrate the ephemeral nature of magazines. As the world turns increasingly digital physical magazines and newspapers become ever more redundant. The need for physical printed materials is decreasing, my phone holds more information than is humanly possible to consume in a lifetime. Yet printed books and magazines still hold a place in my heart. I couldn’t live without them. I love the feel and smell of a magazine. The excitement of going to shop and finding a new magazine can never be replicated digitally.

When I was a child my grandparents would refer to magazines as books. They were objects to be cherished and passed around, revered and read long past the month they related to. So my natural reaction is of course to cut them up. To take my knife and transform the magazine into something else. It’s no longer of any use as a magazine but gains a new life in my painting.

I am destroying them to deliberately change the context of the images creating a new energy and tension. Liberating and transforming the figures beyond recognition to create ethereal yet provocative works that questions notions of identity. By hiding or covering the women’s faces we can no longer recognise the person but are reliant on other aspects of the image to understand and relate to them.

My magazine paintings are created using collage and paint. I pour, stipple and layer paint on canvas. I am looking for reactions between the paints and how one layer of paint is impacted by the preceding layers. There is often buckling, cracking and distortions in colours. The unpredictability of this is a joyful thrill to me.



Oh Yeah!

Claire Brewster

United Kingdom


Size: 23.6 W x 31.5 H x 0.8 in

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Artist Recognition

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Artist featured in a collection

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Featured in Inside The Studio

Artist Recognition

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Featured in Inside The Studio

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