Lady With Veil. Gaga Painting by Ritums Ivanovs

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Art Description

Painting: Oil on .


Paintings 2011. Oil/Acrylic.
Curator of the exhibition: Inessa Rinke.

In his recent exhibition, Ritums Ivanovs continues to study individual qualities of showbiz stars and media-created characters, by selecting such different personalities as Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss and Lady

The phenomenon of "stars" is recently of wider interest. Nicole Graef's 2011 documentary "Kate! Creating an Icon" (first view in march 2011 in French TV-channel Arte) shows some of most intense and important artists of the world interviewed on the topic: artists that
have painted and photographed Kate Moss, hence uplifting the image of Moss as an Icon – Chuck Close, Lucian Freud, Banksy, Wolfgang Tillman, Peter Lindbergh. The film also features portraits of Moss painted by Ivanovs. The German film director Nicola Graef noticed Ritums Ivanovs portrait of Kate Moss in artist's solo exhibition at Eva Poll Gallery, Berlin.

Ivanovs is intrigued by the mysterious power that finds the symbol of unique personalities from amongst millions. The press, TV and film industry are fascinated about global icons. Their every step is followed by reporters, every gesture and move are of general interest. The yellow press discusses these icons every day, also the respectable TIME magazine chose to have Lady Gaga next to Bill Clinton in 2010. Politicians, actors, athletes are the subjects of never ending
curiosity, fetish and they also make a most hated subject.

In his works, Ritums Ivanovs exposes the characters and moods of these public icons.




Lady With Veil. Gaga

Ritums Ivanovs



Size: 74.8 W x 46.1 H x 1.2 in

This artwork is not for sale.