Orthodox icon of the Lord Jesus Christ Painting by Tamila Vdovina

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Fragment of the icon from the side.
Fragment of the icon from the side.
Reverse side of the icon.
Fragment of the icon.
Fragment of the icon

Art Description

Painting: Tempera, Watercolor, Oil, Fabric, Metal on Canvas, Other, Soft (Yarn, Cotton, Fabric), Wood.

Icon of the Saviour.
The classic list from the ancient Icon - under the name - Andrei Rublev Spas Zvenigorodsky.
I was inspired by the famous icon of Andrei Rublev, who was canonised by the Orthodox Church.
The icon of the Saviour is written in the traditional canonical Old Russian style.
It is made according to old technologies.
Multi-layer drawing with egg tempera is performed on a primed board using washed chalk and linen fabric and animal glue. This soil is called "levkas".
A board made of lime wood is glued in a special press; on the face of the board, all the knots are selected and replaced with wooden inserts.
On the front side, a symbolic depression in the board is the “ark”, which is also a frame and a protective barrier for the preservation of the painting layer.
On the back of the board are two oak veneers.
Leaf gold leaf is applied in the icon.
At the end of the painting, the icon is covered with a layer of varnish and a protective layer of varnish.
The back side of the board is treated with a stain, antibacterial protective coating.
The icon was written for a long time. This allows you to pay more attention to the internal content of the image.
The overall color of the icon is warm. The predominant color of ocher.
Year of completion of writing icons 2006 year.
A few more words about this icon in its historical aspect.
For me, the Icon is the same as the whole Great Artwork, which being a cult affiliation, sometimes goes beyond that.
And those who would have to protect items belonging to their cult, often violate these values, as well as the custodians of these values.
I will not delve into history, on a large scale, but I will say a few words relating to this Icon.
It so happened that you and I could never see it, like many other works of art, if not the case.
Due to some existing circumstances, under someone's sanctimonious order, this Icon was under a bushel of different trash, along with other works of Art on an abandoned bell tower.
She was covered in bird droppings.
She was found shortly before the 1917 Revolution.
This was the period when the Old Russian Icon was reopened for admirers of the Beautiful.
If we carefully look at this Image, we will undoubtedly feel that Heavenly Energy that comes from it.
As in any picture, the birth of energy comes from rhythms.
Rhythms give rise to interaction with the image.
Sometimes rhythms can be hidden from us, but even invisibly they Affect.
They laid down - Energy of any work.
In the image of the balance of seriousness and lyrics.
Here, mathematical analysis creates a person’s personal experience.
The image looks at us. God judges impartially.
Strictly looks and loves his creation, created in the image and likeness.
We delve into the moral pattern.
Man is a material creature and it is difficult for him to perceive God outside matter.
Hence the forbidden images of God.
I do not want to go deep - this is a topic in which you can drown ...
The icon is made on the basis of the Old Russian technology and using its own experience with the help of a lot of experiments with traditional and modern materials.


Orthodox icon of the Lord Jesus Christ

Tamila Vdovina

Czech Republic


Size: 20.5 W x 27.8 H x 1.2 in

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