Process of Adjusting Movements Painting by Blake Brasher

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detail image showing poured paint with leaf pattern in marker
detail image showing multiple layers of poured paint along with doodles in marker and paint and various patterns
detail image showing two layers of grid pattern with poured paint overlay
detail image showing bottom left corner of the painting showing how the composition wraps around the edges and also showing signature.
detail image showing bottom edge of the painting with grid pattern wrapping around the edge.

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Marker, collage, dye on Canvas.

This is a highly layered abstract painting in acrylic, marker, spray dye, and collage on canvas.

I've been exploring the roll of pattern in abstraction, and playing with how sets of rules can be spontaneously generated, then twisted to create new and unexpected patterns and shapes. In this painting that exploration takes the form of hand-drawn and hand-painted repetitive marks, the most obvious of which are probably the grid-like pattern of ovular forms lining the bottom edges of the canvas. These are hand drawn in sharpie on the raw canvas before any of the paint is applies. A later layer of the painting includes a repetition of this form, but now drawn at a smaller scale and on top of a cured acrylic surface such that the lines come out crisp and dark opposed to the washed out lines on raw canvas. In places the grid is broken, or the grid mutates such that the forms, while still maintaining regular relationships with their neighbors, no longer align with the dominant X/Y axes of the canvas.

The other major pattern form here is a more organic one, like the grown of a vine. In general, three leaves bud out of a leaf or leaves that have come before them. Sometimes it is two leaves, sometimes it is four, five, or six. These leaves may bud out of either side of the vine, leading the vine to break and spread grow in a pattern of ever increasing branches. The simple act of making three arced lines over and over leads to a complex pattern to form. In this painting this is explored on three layers: the very first layer is split between ovular shapes on the grid and leaves on a vine, though the leaves are mostly obscured by other layers. A mid-layer involves smaller leaf-vines in sharpie which are crips and black and can be seen a bit to the left of center, and another mid layer involves brushed on leaf work in hues of blue-purple.

Much of this pattern work is obscured by layered of poured paint, of which there are four: orange, light blue, magenta and black, and silvery violet.



Process of Adjusting Movements

Blake Brasher

United States


Size: 36 W x 48 H x 1.5 in

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Artist featured in a collection

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