Racine Mauve Painting by Manon Miserany

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arrière l'oeuvre racine mauve 2014 de ÖMiserany photo dans l’atelier
racine mauve 2014 de ÖMiserany photo dans l’atelier

Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Tempera, Gesso, Conte, Chalk on Paper.

My art evolves pleasantly.A year of intense concentration allowed my style to stand out more, giving free rein to a new creative impetus affecting all of my visual communication.
I am happy because I found the very personal palette and graphic gestures (pastel and chalk) to give wings to this recent theme: the faces and bodies gave way to abstraction, spirited floral .The colours, dance on the canvas.A great guide my artistic freedom.
My approach is characterized by the exploration of the slide as sketch, enhanced by the use of color field painting, the dragging and dripping, with the objective of maintaining the transparency and luminosity of my paintings through the application of superimposed layers of wash.The staging of spots creates places known in compositions that suggest that the canvas is not enough, that everything is not said that it goes elsewhere.
I still want to create, for each painting, a sensory event, where you can simply gaze rather than "recognize" and, in this way, make the viewer feel the effects of color, fluid and blurred, causing in him a sense of peace, well-being, joy and fulfillment.



Racine Mauve

Manon Miserany



Size: 9 W x 12 H x 0.1 in

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