Red Beach Painting by Mina Hushahn

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Pencil, Paper on Paper.

This is a study of a nude in a natural environment.
The flesh, umbra and okker tones where painted with the combination of raw pigments and linen oil, to create a painting that is as raw as possible in its expression.
Only white paint has been used from the tube. The figure itself was drawn with color pencils in the same colours as the background.

The young woman is contemplating in silence, while her silhouette seems to flimmer. Indicating a moment that is passing, while she is just there, standing.The reds in the sky remind of the tones of her own flesh and create a highly intimate atmosphere, which the viewer is allowed to dive into. The abstract brush strokes seem to form something around her that can look like a beach. The viewer could possibly feel the wind caressing his own skin,and the water running around his toes. He could find himself in a quiet moment of contemplation, or loose himself in memories of with being physical with someone else, he is missing.



Red Beach

Mina Hushahn



Size: 16.5 W x 23 H x 0.1 in

This artwork is not for sale.