Rs58C. 7HKAR 180 Painting by Michael Lauesen-Day

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Metal, powder pigment, Gold filings on Canvas.

This painting is part of a series inspired by the changing colours, textures and usage of a number of WW2 bunkers in the area around Blåvand on the West coast of Denmark. Originally steel and concrete functional structures these bunkers are slowly being reclaimed by the salt air, seawater and nature in general. The materials used for construction have gained a whole range of rich colours and textures as a result of this decay. Their value as impregnable, destructive fortresses has also changed from being very hard, cold and threatening to being no less imposing but more approachable and colourful. I have used gold in an attempt to reflect on how these bunkers have changed in value, but also how they must have felt to those who occupied them in the past, their thoughts of home, the values they fought for, or believed they were fighting for. The greens and reds reflect the rusts and mosses and mildews which are slowly invading or eating away at these giants and the geometry is intended to reflect the structure and usage of the bunkers. This particular diptych was inspired by bunker Rs58C. 7HKAR 180 (nicknamed the Tobruk) which was originally commonly designed to house a machine-gun, but also small searchlights and optical communication equipment was used inside.



Rs58C. 7HKAR 180

Michael Lauesen-Day



Size: 28 W x 16 H x 1 in

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