S561 SK C34 Painting by Michael Lauesen-Day

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Art Description

Painting: Oil, Gold pigment, Paint on Canvas, Other.

Inspired by the colours, textures, decay and the changing purposes and "values" of the old WWII bunkers on the windy West coast of Denmark.
Where once these concrete giants stood threatening and imposing, they now stand as decaying monuments of a war long gone.
Bashed by the winds and water of the salty North Sea, metalwork now show colours of beauty, and the concrete subsides and crumbles into sculptural shapes.
Now treasured by visitors to the beaches for their majestic weight, a modern-day folly for exploration play and hide-&-seek.
Where once was horror of war, there now are rays of sun playing through the cracks and sand trickling in everywhere. Nature creating beauty.

In this painting, based on the colours, shapes and lines inside bunker S561 SK C3, I investigate how the sea and sun are slowly changing the grim dark past of the bunkers, using the colours of the crumbling concrete, corroding steel and their environment.



S561 SK C34

Michael Lauesen-Day



Size: 12 W x 12 H x 2 in

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