Sailboat. For Monet. Painting by Andrey Bogoslowsky

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Sailboat. For Monet.

Andrey Bogoslowsky

United States


Size: 50 W x 46 H x 1 D in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

I was able to create a daytime sailing adventures with the stars in the yellow sky. I have created this dramatic effect to add more mystery to my work. The freedom of my brush expresses feelings of human desire to be free of all attachments, all civilized world is left behind. There is peace in this work and in its a happy state of the mind inspiration is plenty.
"The shape of artist's soul."
It can't be said more often that the paintings done by a genuine soul-mind show "the soul of the artist".
The hard part is see that shape and accept it. Often in my life I met artist and his or her face resembled the faces they paint. And that is easy to decode. But today I came across an artist I follow on Instagram, where a young woman is making a trade mark out of few images that she created resembling more or less a cloud on the sky with a face. And when I got to see her selfie I immediately recognized the face in a cloud.
Was this intentional? May be. But I am more interested to analyze my own paintings and how is it that my cosmology suppose to resemble the shape of my soul. How is the infinity of blackness of the space and hundreds of stars and colorful nebulas and multitude of galaxies is the shape of my soul?
I also paint flowers. But my flowers are not botanical illustrations. I make my own flowers that exist only once in one particular painting. I always make sure I don't repeat my botany and each painting shows a new species. It's a point of view, or philosophy of my art. Nothing is the same. The flower might be one of the same kind but it looks different and I got this observation in Mother Nature. By studying the world around me I come to realize that nothing really repeats itself. Recently I am developing new kind of vases in my still life paintings. I cut out an ancient artifact or museum artwork out from expensive art books that has been sitting on my shelves for years and I rarely got a chance to open it. So I decided it would be more practical to interact with this amazing art from the past by making it a part of my artwork. It might be an Ancient Greek vase with depiction of Odysseus and his ship sailing home. Then I take my expensive 18 K gold marker and I make a star map on the vase with many stars and "undeciphered" writings as names of planets connected in my map. I redesign the Greek vase. It becomes a very different object. Then I mount it into my still life composition and flowers are coming out from that vase. It looks awesome. More important it connects my painting with our past. The western civilization was build by Greeks and Romans and this is my homage to all artists who lived before my times. We have so little left from days long gone. But what is left is absolutely tremendous. I just don't see how it is supposed to be "the shape of my soul".
I also paint seascapes with sailboats or without. And how is that suppose to show my soul? The freedom in the wind and the beauty of the sky and limitless Verizon? Is that the shape of my soul?The sky is usually very complex with hundreds of colors and strokes flying in opposite directions. My sky is usually expressing the tornado like force and gives an impression of very windy up there high in the clouds.
I also paint woman's figures I call the goddesses. My female deities are often Ms. Destiny- a very powerful figure in Greek mythology even gods are trembling knowing that upon her pranks your life is predestined. In many ways I often feel like Oedipus- trying very hard to escape the prophecy but ultimately by escaping this and that ending up exactly as prophesied. If I was on C. Jung's couch he would probably diagnosed my inner female images as Anima- the inner female. But to what extend I am female? What does it really mean that the psyche is made out of two genders? Scientists today are naming many more than two genders: a child, a female, a male, transvestism, and homosexual genders.Where do I feet in these categories?
Are my heroines parts of my hidden dream world that I have not explored? It seems that I am running into more questions than answers now.
And I don't have a definitive answer to what is the "shape of my soul".
Also in my repertoire you can find big faces looking over the Universe, one galaxy or just a landscape or a city. I call them-"the creator is watching, or looking over us". I am by far not "A CREATOR " and I don't care about affairs of worldly substance. I am very narrowly focused on here and now. My house where I live, my family, and my city- nation's capital. My interest rarely reach out further than that.
So how is that supposed to be the shape of my soul?
In the past ten years I had periods when I was producing many works on paper and they were mostly erotic fantasies. Depicted was one woman's figure or an artist in his studio with an erotic woman's figure. Or it was erotic body parts freely floating on white paper.
Where do I feet in here?
The broad subject matter selection I am interested in is so diverse that even I started questioning my personal interests.
I paint landscapes that are most often summer views with fields, some bushes, a little water and may be passionate clouds in the sky. This is a very good description of my summer views. They are made out of gas, solids, and liquid. And bushes stand for semi- solid substance. When my line of the horizon blends in, when the sky meets the sea and the horizontal line is not sharp that is also semi-water-gas substance.
And all of the above are my favorite subjects to paint. I feel personal passions when I paint those subjects. The paintings come out very compulsive, on the edge of madness. My only one assumption is that all of the above is the "shape of my soul"!
In several traditional believes it says that one human can have many souls lucked in one body. I won't disagree but I haven't seen a proof of that in my personal case. I believe human"soul" is infinite by its very nature and being infinite it can consist of multitudes of shapes and subjects to dwell upon.
My other hobby I am passionate about is my herb garden. It gives me so much joy to see things grow. And care about them and talk to them too.
In conclusion.
I have to give more thoughts to this subject of "artist's soul depicted in his paintings".
I have to question myself more often why I am painting what I am painting and question the way I am painting it- my personal style. And hopefully in few years I will know more about the shape of my soul by looking at my own paintings.
July 2015.





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