Shadow Love Painting by Elinrós Díanadóttir

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Shadow Love

Elinrós Díanadóttir

United Kingdom


Size: 19.9 W x 19.9 H x 0.8 D in

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Art Description

Painting: Marker, Acrylic, Pencil on Wood.

Mixed media painting on wood panel.

Shadow Love - Divine Intelligence makes no mistakes

Don't turn away from your dark and negative emotions, thoughts and behaviours or that of others. Allow yourself to be all that you are and embrace all pieces of you. Everything serves a purpose, has a reason and a story. Transcend what has been by opening your heart.

All shadows you perceive are your shadows in the larger perspective, which is wide, deep and high enough to encompass all levels of your consciousness.

What angers you in someone else is a reflection of what angers you about yourself; what you envy in another you have denied yourself.

The truth might be upsetting at first, but it is what will ultimately liberate you. Step into an ever-increasing freedom now. You are brave enough to go meet the darkest parts of you and loving enough to heal them.

Your shadows will increase your light

Your compassion and love have the capacity to accept and illuminate all. Don't turn away from yourself. Don't repress or supress or deny or judge or avoid or fight against your shadows. There is no need to be afraid. As you integrate more and more of yourself and illuminate the dark corners of your psyche, body and soul, you grow and heal.

Let your heart be the guiding light and remember that Divine Intelligence makes no mistakes (although it might certainly seem like that sometimes) and you are a perfect creation of that very Divine Intelligence. Yes, you truly are a work of art; ever-evolving, ever-changing and it is not always an easy journey.

Grant yourself and others some slack today and breathe deeply to loosen some of that tension in your mind and body. Meditate and open up so that the light can enter in. You have the resurrection energy surging through you and supporting you in this process. Be fearless. Be bold. Be brutally honest. And then, forgive yourself and others for being flawed humans.

Elínrós Díanadóttir is a London-based Swedish/Icelandic spiritual artist, meditation guide, blogger and writer with a focus on spiritual experiences, explorations, and adventures; a self-announced 'soul explorer' with a lot of love for the Indian spiritual heritage as well as the ancient Egypt with a bit of that Nordic vibe, imbued with a devotion and reverence for the Divine, Unconditional Love, Oneness & Peace.