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Size: 9 H x 12 W x 1 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

The first in my Collection titled 1989, inspired by the Taylor Swift pop music album. Painted in Spring 2016 in New Orleans. This image is the "cover" image for the collection which will be posted as pieces are released. I based the painting off of a combination of the two cover images from the Taylor Swift 1989, and the Ryan Adams 1989 Cover album which both included seagulls. I added a sailboat and named it Starboard because I liked the reference to the driver of the vessel. The right side of a sailing vessel was originally called "starboard" because it is the side from which the boat is steered.

Keywords: Birds, Sailboat, Sea, Seagulls, Taylor, Taylor Swift, Swift, Migration, Nautical, Navigation, Ocean

Subjects: Seascape

Styles: Fine Art

Mediums: Acrylic

Materials: Canvas

Prints: Seascape Art Prints, Fine Art Art Prints, Acrylic Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints

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