Still There

United States

Size: 12 H x 24 W x 2 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Oil and Paint on Wood, Other and Paper.

‘Still There’ is undoubtedly the most abstract of my “textual landscapes’. The underlying scene is that of looking west to Rayado Canyon — a glorious passage in the south country of New Mexico’s Philmont Ranch. A rose sunset glows through blue and rusted filters of memory — as words — thoughts — come in and out of mind. . . .
The text emerging in this painting comes from ‘The Call of the Wild,’ the epic poem by Robert Service.

Note that this painting is created with mixed media on a hard “cradled” panel with a depth of 2”. First, layers of language are printed on papers, that are then glued upon the panel. Then, layers of paint — and even layers of rust — are built up and wiped down, creating veils of color, and allowing the underlying text to be alternatively revealed and concealed. Further text is sometimes added with ink and a reed pen, and vertical lines with oil stick.

As mentioned, this is one of my "textual landscapes" wherein I merge passages of traditional landscape with semi-abstraction and words. Here is a bit more about my "textual landscapes":

Rarely when we recall a journey across the land, is our memory in sharp focus. Rather, our memories become a sequence of impressions—a collage of the vistas, colors, textures and shapes that we encountered along our journey’s path.

My paintings are a celebration of journeys across the land. By merging traditional landscape imagery with fragments of text and abstract elements, my “textual landscapes” suggest land and place in a way that invites the viewer to linger. More than ‘nature studies’ or simple abstractions of the landscape, for me these paintings are deeper expressions of not only journeys in the outdoors, but the passage of time and transience of life. Paint spatters and swirls suggest the movements of birds, often great flocks of them. Vertical lines divide the space into passageways and chapters of time, thought and experience. Fragments of language—most recently reflections on life and the outdoors from my own journals—emerge in a sort of ghost poetry, further beckoning the the viewer to linger and consider the journeys evoked within each painting.

Keywords: Poetry In Art, Abstract Landscape, Mixed Media Landscape, Canyon Art, Contemporary Landscape, Dawn Chandler Artist, Language In Art, Philmont Art

Subjects: Landscape

Styles: Impressionism, Abstract, Fine Art, Contemporary

Mediums: Acrylic, Oil, Paint

Materials: Wood, Other, Paper

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