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Art Description

Painting: Ink and Household on Wood.

This painting is part of an ongoing series exploring and showcasing the intrinsic beauty and versatility of the physical, materialist qualities of paint. It is the result of a working process developed to be sympathetic to the natural behaviours of the medium in its various forms and an outcome of many years using, observing and selecting a variety of different types of paint. As far as I’m concerned there is no “hierarchy of materials”. All types of paint have their own value and, in the context of my painting, this is all that matters. I will happily use high quality calligraphers’ inks alongside household emulsion or children’s powder paint if they are aesthetically complimentary to one another and enhance the overall quality of the finished work. Similarly, I tend to work on 25mm (1 inch) thick hardwood ply for its satisfying physicality. The sanded and varnished edge brings up its lovely layered nature and the physical weight and density enhances the ‘objectness’ of the painting.

My work is abstract because I feel that is the clearest way for me to maintain focus on the materiality of the object. My paintings have no subject matter as such. One could argue they are ‘constructions of paint’ rather than ‘pictures’. I feel abstraction, be it in the form of free, fluid, liquid movement or tidy geometry, offers me the most purely visual format, unassociated with narrative or history. An abstract form is timeless and mindful. It is immediate and can be appreciated for its own visible qualities and for what it is at that very moment instead of for vagaries of meaning. For me abstraction is the most direct route to the essence of what I search for in my painting.

My intention is that the paintings in this series speak to the viewer on a pure and uncompromised aesthetic level. I make these works to be opportunities for indulgence in visual, materialist pleasure. I mean to offer those who encounter them a viscerally enriching experience, and should they end up owning one and hanging it on their wall, I do hope that it may be something which provides a daily moment of unconditional enjoyment. The world is challenging enough and I see my paintings as a chance to momentarily step away from whatever difficulties one may be facing and just enjoy something for the sake of it. They demand nothing of the viewer, and seek only to enrich the visual experience of whoever may come across them.

Keywords: Painterly, Pattern, Pink, Black, Blue, Stripes, Sunset, White, Yellow, Calm, Abstract, Geometric

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual, Expressionism, Fine Art

Mediums: Ink, Household

Materials: Wood

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