Taman Kami / The Land Is Ours (series)


Size: 16.5 H x 23.6 W x 2.4 in

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Art Description

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Oil and Paint on Canvas.

Taman Kami / The Land Is Ours (series)

This is the story of my life.
Every single piece in this collection reflects particles from my journey since infancy to adulthood.
Recreate lost moment that only the privilege ones have experienced
Constructing picturesque places that others can only dream.
Wrapping memories in ingenious spectrum to capture the uniqueness. I bring into play strong outlines and brilliant colors to ensure minimal intrusion to the originality of the scene. Numerous media was used such as graphite, collage, ball pen, marker pen, wire, ink, image transfer, acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel and oil paint to reach the optimum result depicting a conflict of veracity and subliminal.
There is no full stop to my style in this latest series. Fusion and anxious might explain the technique that I apply.
Conceptually, I would like to share my frustration that what has lost will remain lost. Modernization has swollen this authentic experience to a point of no return.
Gone are the places where kids play without barriers.
Vanished are the ambiances that shape boys into men.
All has disappeared into thin air, with much dismay, a reality that seems like a hallucination.
With a sense of reverie, I call them, ‘Taman Kami’ in honor of those who have seen and lost it. For those who have felt it but now it seems like a hallucination.
Taman Kami is for my kids. It’s for the younger generation.
Taman Kami. I am not delusional. This is a reality.

Keywords: Tree, Malaysia, Oil Painting, Art Deco, Canvas, Scenary, Taman Kami, Tune Zikri, Narative, Garden, Nature

Subjects: Landscape

Styles: Art Deco, Dada, Conceptual, Fine Art

Mediums: Acrylic, Ink, Oil, Paint

Materials: Canvas

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